My own hell

I’m a danger to myself…. the lyrics sung by FFDP that is how I feel rightnow, I’m going crazy all I want to do is hurt myself but I can’t because I have been trying to stop and have been getting better at it but tonight/today just fucking set me off. I feel like I’m being choked but here are no hands around my neck and I am slowly being strangled a little more every day. I am the loneliness i have ever been and am in despair. Everyone can go fuck themselves for all I care , no body really cares about you even if they say that they do they just want to know the drama that is going on and be a part of the problem not help you with anything and getting your life back on track. I have no family and no one at all except for my boyfriend who is miles away, my life is fucked and all I can do is keep screaming and hitting my head against the wall. I’m sick. I feel like I’m losing myself or have lost myself allready.


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