whats the plan…


     Tonight i find myself wondering what really is the purpose of my life. In the bible it says that God made us all different and special then everyone else. We are all made just the way he wants us and he says he has a plan for each of our lives, But just what is his master plan for me? When i was younger i was baptized and we got it on video. I was about 13 years old and i remember my pastor told me and everyone that he knew god had big plans for my life and he was going to use me for great things one day. When will that day be though? The day where suddenly i have a revelation or a vision and in that moment i will finally know what God has intended for my life all along!I really wish i knew when that day will be, it really is not fair plus i am so bad at waiting… I am kind of a really impatient person ( it’s a personality flaw i am working on ), But hey i mean whoever said life was fair right? cause I am pretty sure that we know it isn’t. Do you ever get the feeling that life is passing you by so fast that you start to get so confused and then everything just becomes one big blur? All of your dreams you had for yourself you feel are never going to be able to happen because you don’t know how to even begin to try for them. I get this feeling a lot and it really makes me scared because i dont know what i am going to do with myself and i dont want to end up a nobody, The girl who had gifts that God gave her but she didnt know what to use them for. I dont want that to be me. There is a song called “Give Me A Sign” by Breaking Benjamin and its talking about how every day just keeps going by faster and faster, with each new day our lives are becoming more and more dull and we are falling apart because we are waiting for something that isn’t going to happen unless we make it happen( by praying). Everyday in our lives it’s like we are all just waiting for signs from God to show us that he really is true and he will tell us how we are to live our lives and what we are to use his gifts for, but it is not that easy and waiting for God to answer our prayers can sometimes take a long time maybe even years!. What we need to remember is that God has his own schedule and goes about it as he chooses, so we can never give up on him because he loves us so much and of anyone knows whats best for us it is HIM.


One thought on “whats the plan…

  1. He does have a plan for you. You’ll find it in the desires of your heart. And you’re right, He always acts in His own time, but it’s always perfect timing. Don’t just “ask” for signs, also be willing to be patient, and silent so you can see the signs and hear His voice.

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