Perfection isn’t KEY


Today proved to me that people only care so much about you untill they find out something about you and they completely judge you because they dont want to face the fact that there is something really wrong going on in your life and you dont know how to handle it all so you deal with it not in the best way. It’s funny cause you would think by now that people have grown up and matured since were all pretty much adults and understand at how hard life can be sometimes. Like i feel as if everyone just stands around gossiping and judging each other because they have nothing better to do with their pathetic lives… it makes me feel sick. There are hundreds of girls and guys with so much going on and nobody even cares to see why they are hurting.  I have witnessed people talk bad and make fun of someone else because they were just bored and wanted to make themselves feel better by putting that person down, But what they didnt know was that that girl who they were gossiping about tried to kill herself three times and has major trust issues. She has been used and abused by multiple guys and has just been wanting to give up on life altogether and to hear that kind of stuff being talked about her put her almost over the edge…

Everyone needs to wake up and realize that everything isnt about them and they need to stop being so conceited and selfish. Reality is that nobodys perfect, duh we all know that but seriously have you ever really thought about it? we all go around being complete brats acting like were better than each other. We think because someone dresses a certain way or talks a certain way or has a lifestyle different than ours its okay to talk shit about them because were just so perfect right? Ya no i dont think so. It doesnt matter who you are or where you have been, everyone deserves to be treated the same and given respect no matter what. You make fun of the girl who is always wearing hoodies and ripped sweats and is failing geometry, you have no idea that she is living in an abusive home and gets told everyday how worthless she is by her parents. The guy who has his hair covering his face and plays his music so loud on the bus and you think is a loser and freaky, his dad killed himself and his mom is strung out on drugs he is just waiting for somebody to push him far enough to where he can finally just end all of his pain. Or maybe you see a young girl without a ring on her finger and is pregnant. Automatically you judge her and pin her as a slut or a whore, what you dont know is that she was raped and from that she got pregnant and has to carry that pain with her the rest of her life her child was made by a jerk of a guy who she barely even knew.

So the next time you start to make a rude bratty comment, or judge someone who you DON’T KNOW … remember that you arent perfect nobody is and try thinking about they persons life and maybe they are going through some tough stuff and just need someone to be by their side and let them know that they are not alone.

Think about it.

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